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You are currently on the LAUNCH plan with 100 clients, If you sell a high ticket service, 100 clients should be enough for most. But if you have a lower price,  you have to delete clients to make room for new. If you upgrade right now, we will upgrade your account to UNLIMITED clients. Then you never have to manually delete clients in the future and it allows you to use Pathlevels for lead generations where you need more leads in the door.


You are currently on the LAUNCH plan with 1 path, if you upgrade your plan today we will upgrade your account to UNLIMITED paths. This will allow you to bundle multiple paths into a package and add 1:1 services/group recordings/bonus time to increase the value of your information. It also let you offer multiple price points where you can have different price points based on what you have added of support for your information (this will solve the price issue on intro calls, as you can always have something that fits your clients budget).


It allows you to charge a set price upfront and give them some of their money back on autopilot as they implement your training. It will give you income from those who are not committed and FAST client results from those who actually implement. This is the easiest way to get your first 10 client successes as you can say its free *as long they complete your training. 

#5 All upcoming GROW features 

When giving a lifetime offer on software, what is normal is to limit the account in some way. Because we have made you a lifetime UNLIMITED offer, the obvious thing would be to limit new upcoming features... well we are not doing that.

Upgrading in this page you will have zero limitations on your GROW account for all new upcoming features... for LIFE!

Value $97,-/month  

This is obviously a BIG problem, and forces online educators to be dependent on sales and marketing (instead of letting their clients do the to the growth for them, and use marketing as gasoline on the fire). 

We appreciate your interest so far, so IF it makes sense to support our vision of becoming the best platform for client results, you can upgrade your free lifetime LAUNCH plan to lifetime UNLIMITED plan.

Here is what you get when you upgrade your account below:

Pathlevels is a shortcut 

(if you want to start a online education business)

Selling information only has been extremely desirable for good reasons

#1: Create it once, sell it unlimited times

#2: Scale your time without employees

#3: Use it to segment and ascend your dream clients

But... reality is little different.

Because you signed up for Pathlevels, I am pretty sure that you know the truth..

People generally do not implement information..

The simple reason is that information alone can not be the catalyst for any big changes, as it often needs an outside perspective. 

We need to "get out of our heads"

I am sure you have taken multiple courses before yourself..

Read multiple books (maybe even some on the way from Amazon right now?)

But how often do you implement what you learn/know?

Well the data says less than 1%

This is terrible if you ask me..

Pathlevels is OBSESSED with getting as many to implement as possible.

This gives you a lot more output:

Sales, feedback, results, referrals, testimonials

For a lot less input:

Leads, outreach, cost of advertising, time of organic methods