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#1: Qualified bookings on-demand

By only helping committed people 

#2: Increase Your Prices

By Improving Your Offer 

#4: Stop trading time for money

By hiring other assistants & coaches

For Anyone Looking To Start or Scale Their Online Education Business 

How To Go From 0 to 10 Client results in No Time Using "Proof Tracking

So, how does it work? 

#3: Leverage the greatest incentive on planet earth to increase commitment 

This is obviously a BIG problem and forces online educators to be dependent on sales and marketing (instead of letting their clients do the growth for them, and use marketing as gasoline on the fire). 


The LAUNCH plan ($27/month) is limited to 100 clients, If you sell a high-ticket service, 100 clients should be enough for most. But if you have a lower price,  you have to delete clients to make room for new ones. If you upgrade right now, we will upgrade your account to UNLIMITED clients. Then you never have to manually delete clients in the future and it allows you to use Pathlevels for lead generations where you need more leads in the door.


The LAUNCH plan is limited to 1 path, if you upgrade your plan today we will upgrade your account to UNLIMITED paths. This will allow you to bundle multiple paths into a package and add 1:1 services/group recordings/bonus time to increase the value of your information. 

It also lets you offer multiple price points where you can have different price points based on what you have added of support for your information.

GROW plan: $1164/year

SOC Training: $1997

ONLY: $17

(No monthly fees ever)

BONUS #3 All future GROW features 

When giving a lifetime offer on software, it is normal is to limit the account in some way to make sure the lifetime holders pay something in the future... well we are not doing that.

Upgrading on this page you will have zero limitations on your GROW account for all new upcoming features... for LIFE!

Value $97,-/month  

Pathlevels is a shortcut 

(if you want to start or grow an online education business)

Selling information been extremely desirable for good reasons

#1: Create it once, sell it unlimited times

#2: Scale your time without employees

#3: Use it to segment and ascend your dream clients

But... the reality is a little different.

Because you clicked on the ad, I am pretty sure that you know the truth..

People generally do not implement information..

The simple reason is that information alone can not be the catalyst for any big changes, as it often needs an outside perspective. 

We need to "get out of our heads"

I am sure you have taken multiple courses before yourself..

Read multiple books (maybe even some on the way from Amazon right now?)

But how often do you implement what you learn/know?

Well the data says less than 1%

This is terrible if you ask me..

Pathlevels are OBSESSED with getting as many to implement as possible.

More implementation > more results. This gives you a lot more output: Sales, feedback, results, referrals, testimonials

For a lot less input: Leads, outreach, cost of advertising, time of organic methods

Here is what you get


It allows you to charge a set price upfront and give them some of their money back on autopilot as they implement your training. It will give you an income from those who are not committed and FAST client results from those who actually implement. This is the easiest way to get your first 10 client successes as you can say it is free *as long they complete your training. 


Once a client (or lead) has started their proof a countdown they will show in their portal, if you upgrade today you will be able to send them SMS & email reminders as the countdown move closer to zero. 

This put the pressure on them to either complete or reach out for help (get more people on the call that have a desire for what you teach and with the understanding that they need your help)